The 8 Best Options for How to Find a Job

1. Online Job Sites

There are a few main categories of online job sites. Social networks are the first category. This includes sites like LinkedIn, as well as communities like /r/Jobs. General job sites are next. Both Indeed and ZipRecruiter are in this category. Specialty job sites are the other category. This includes, which specializes in tech jobs.

2. Recruiting/Staffing Agency

According to the book What Color is Your Parachute, the success rate of recruiting and staffing agencies ranges from 5% to 28%. If you’re thinking about working with an agency, be sure to thoroughly Google them before making your final decision.

3. Professional, Trade or Industry Group

Networking is a theme that runs through quite a few of the different ways to find a job. Although that term is often associated with selling yourself, networking is really just about building relationships. Since you already have plenty in common, professional, trade or industry groups are a great way to meet people who may eventually help you get a job interview.

4. Family or Friends

Even though it may seem obvious, far too many people forget to let their family and friends now that they’re looking for a new job. Not only can you count on people close to you to keep an eye out for possible jobs, but they may open doors that you wouldn’t have found on your own.

5. Former Classmates or Colleagues

If you’re in college now, don’t forget that your current classmates may be the ones to help you find a job someday. And if you’re already out in the workforce, catching up with a former classmate or colleague can help you find a warm job lead.

6. College Career Services

In addition to building relationships with classmates, current college students can take advantage of their school’s career services. Alumni may also find that they have access to a formal network or other type of career support.

7. Local Chamber of Commerce

Local Chamber of Commerce organizations aren’t just for business owners. They also provide a variety of resources and opportunities for people who want to find a new job.

8. Government Agencies

In the US, the federal government alone employs nearly 3 million people. That figure doesn’t include non-civilian military or people working at other levels of government. So if you’ve ever had any interest in working for the government, it’s worth taking a look at the official USAJOBS website.

Now that you know the best places to find a job, it’s time to learn about what employers look for when hiring.