With a team of tenacious lawyers, we, Frank&Co. Attorneys are offering excellent legal services related to law settlements of various types of personal injuries.  Our personal injury law service deals with injury claims involved in careless driving, accidents, accident due to the negligence of co-workers and employers, though they are inadvertent in nature.

We offer the following services

Accident injury claims:

In this section, we are dealing with car accidents that include distracted driving, fatal car accidents, fatigue car accidents, etc. Also, we will engage with farm accidents, motorcycle accidents, railroad accidents, recreational vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, truck accidents, workplace accidents. Our experienced staff will collect all the relevant medical documents, prepare it for filing legal litigation, and help you to settle your claims.


Personal injury claims:

Personal injury claim covers intentional and non-intentional injury claims.  We shall be able to offer legal assistance for any of the following or multiple claims such as back injuries, birth injuries, construction site accidents, electrocution and burn injuries, nursing home abuse, pedestrian accidents, premises liability, soft tissue and whiplash injuries, traumatic brain injuries and wrongful death claims, etc.

Oil field accident claims:

Our legal experts can assist you any of your claims pertained to oil field accident injuries or even death of your loved one. We are specialized to deal with oil filed injuries and accidents.

Product claims:

We can offer our services for disastrous outcomes caused by manufacturing defects, and that has especially caused due to disregarding safety parameters.  As your advocates, we can use our expertise to claim compensation for all automobile defects, toddler car seats claim, farm equipment issues, faulty appliances, household products, oil field machinery, power tools and construction equipment related issues.

Medical malpractice claims:

Our lawyers have excellent knowledge and experience in dealing medical malpractices.  Considering the complexity of the case and collecting various technical information naturally medical malpractice claims takes quite a lot of time when compared other cases.  However, our experiences in handling the case will be very handy, and our trained office staffs are quick enough to collect all related technical documents and prepare the filing.

Free Initial Consultations

We, at Frank & Co. Law Firm, offer initial free consultation.  After hearing the nature of the case, we will fix the fee and clients will have the opportunity to pay the fee in installments or pay by credit cards.

Our staffs are professionals with paralegal qualification and damage assessment specialists who get you informed and help you get out of the difficult time while answering to any questions. You can have our uninterrupted 24×7-telephone service.


As your legal representative, Frank & Co. Attorneys work tirelessly to get your compensation regardless of the type of your injury claims, holding the negligible parties responsible or their insurance companies responsible for making the compensation.  In the past, we have successfully handled many such injury claims, and all those experiences shall be using effectively to have a speedy trial of the case and settlement. Being a successful injury attorney firm, we can certainly help you to have a quick settlement of your claim.